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We, As Ourselves Responds to Cosby’s Conviction Being Overturned

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Chelsea Fuller, VP of Communications, TIME’S UP | [email protected]
Denise Beek, Chief Communications Officer, ‘me too.’ International | [email protected]
Gillian Branstetter, Media Manager, National Women’s Law Center | [email protected]


In response to the news of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Bill Cosby’s conviction, We, As Ourselves responded to the news with the statement below:

To every survivor impacted by today’s news: we see you, we support you, and we are with you. We know that today’s decision serves to undermine, invisibilize, and diminish the harm experienced by survivors. And beyond the trauma of having our experiences re-evaluated in the criminal legal system, our experiences will be questioned in our communities. That fact is painful and disheartening. 

In the days, weeks, and months to come, there will be varied reactions and commentary on this decision. It is important for us to remember that the Pennsylvania court decision cannot erase or invalidate survivors’ stories and the power of our voices. The commentary that we value will center the experiences of survivors, lead with empathy, and emphasize that sexual assault has no place in our communities. The ones we value will resist the urge to bring down the survivors who bravely share their stories, call out comments and actions that degrade survivors and uphold their abusers, and push back against the idea that those who speak out are betraying their community. 

As a community, it is our collective responsibility to build a culture that prioritizes accountability and healing for survivors.


We, As Ourselves is a collaboration, powered by The ‘me too’ Movement, National Women’s Law Center, and TIME’S UP Foundation to reshape the narrative around sexual violence and its impact on Black survivors.

3 responses to “We, As Ourselves Responds to Cosby’s Conviction Being Overturned”


  2. American Justice didn’t just fail the victims who live with the trauma of sexual assault, it sent a message that their voices didn’t matter, that they don’t matter. The black survivors matter. Female survivors matter. They deserve justice.

  3. I am a victim of child sexual abuse as well as domestic violence. The life time struggle is REAL! My childhood abuser (an older sisters husband) never got charged because we stayed silent out of embarrassment since no one was talking about or ever taught us about sexual abuse. In MN the statute of limitations was (7 yrs) then and it stopped me dead cold in my tracks when I was 18 yrs. I new then that wasn’t right or fair and was wrong because the same predator did the same thing to my 2 nieces and he got away with all of it still till this day! I won’t give up as long as I know he is alive. I’m 55 now and am joining the movement for myself and to help others

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