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[WATCH] ‘Girl Like You’ by Featured Artist: Kaila Cherry

We, As Ourselves is partnering with the Center for Cultural Power, @Culturestrike, to work with Black women and femme survivors and artists to honor their stories and work.

Meet Kaila Cherry

Kaila Cherry is a twenty one year old filmmaker and writer based in Los Angeles, California. A lover and admirer of art in all its various forms, she aims to create works that tow the line between realism and experimentalism in order to give significance to the nuances of everyday life and emotional experiences. Her film work has shown in the debut run of the Oakland based AfroKin Film Fest (2020), UC Berkeley’s Multicultural Community Center Black Joy Show (2020), Megazine Issue 4 (2019), and earned her a Herb Alpert Emerging Young Artist Scholarship (2017). 

Currently, she is an editor for the female run independent film production company ONYX Films LLC. Cherry’s writing work has been featured on online publications Halascope Magazine, Social Soundtrack, Stereovison, and Sunstroke Magazine. She was also published in the print edition of the UK based magazine Ashamed for their 2020 Black History Month themed edition entitled “BLK PWR.” She likes the fact that her last name is a fruit because she knows she will never get confused for someone else. 

Watch Kaila’s Short Film:
Girl Like You

Girl Like You is a surrealist cinematic exploration of a young Black woman’s experience with heterosexual romantic love, the impact of her past relationships on her self image, and the process of the Black woman coming into her own power without male approval. 

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Watch the replay! On Thursday, April 22nd, ‘me too.’ International hosted an IG Live Q&A with Kaila on the @metoomvmt Instagram.

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