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[EXPERIENCE] ‘Un-Gendering Violence’ By Featured Artist: Mercy Thokozane Minah

We, As Ourselves is partnering with the Center for Cultural Power, @Culturestrike, to work with Black women and femme survivors and artists to honor their stories and work.


Get to know featured artist Mercy Thokozane Minah.

Mercy is a queer, non-binary multi-disciplinary artist. They live in South Africa and have created work across visual, literary and performance related mediums.


photo credit: Mercy Thokozane Minah



Learn about Mercy’s commissioned artwork.

UN-GENDERING VIOLENCE: a personal processing of surviving violence from a nonbinary and social justice perspective’ is a zine created by Mercy Thokozane Minah which combines visual art and possibility models for strategizing safety within communities. The zine maps out the emotional process of coming to terms with surviving violence, using visual art to convey feelings that can be difficult for victims to articulate and text graphics to explore concepts of justice, healing and restoration.

Here are some snapshots of Mercy’s piece.

CLICK HERE to view the full zine.


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